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Be inspired by Ash’s transformation

This is a great story about Ash London and how she got fit in 12 weeks.
Our goals were to work together to train pain free, increase overall energy, reduce tension migraines and focus on areas of her body that she wanted to be more toned.
Watch inspiring videos of Ash on her 12 week journey.

Before and After


Looking to find more balance in your life so you can be social and still be in amazing shape?

What you get:

2 weeks of x 4 times per week small group strength training

45 minute personalised technique session with a strength coach

Body fat scan to give you a personalised calorie / macro nutritional plan

2 weeks of x 4 times per week small group strength training

30 minute tailored nutrition consult

Get started with a great plan for the amazing price of $97.

Get Your Signature Body with our transformation experts, results guaranteed in 14 days. 50% off for the first 6 women who are interested.

Watch the videos

Watch Ash on her 12 week journey

Week 1

Find out what BIG goals Ash is setting for herself over her 12 week transformation! Also what keeps her up at night, as in her biggest challenges.

Week 2

Ash's challenge is food, so we teach her and you how to set your daily food intake to maintain your energy, but still lose body fat with the vegetarian diet.

Week 3

Learn what to do with your stomach / core when lifting weights to prevent any injuries or aggravate pre existing ones like Ash.

Week 4

How do you know if your making progress and what is an awesome amount of progress? Ash shares her results and explains how.

Week 5

This must watch video is now you know how many calories to eat, then we teach you how to eat less during the week and eat a lot more on the weekend. CALORIE BUDGETING 101.

Week 6

Here is a 20 minute workout for you when you don't have the time or equipment to train, like when your travelling.

Week 7

3 tips to travelling and maintaining body fat and not undoing your great work.

Week 8

If you have ever suffered a tension headache like Ash, then follow our mobility and strengthening exercises so it never happens again.

Week 9

Try one of Ash London's workouts, follow the video.

Week 10

So important to reevaluate your goals during your transformation, Do you know your WHY? It's what get's up in the morning in to transform? Ash shares hers.

Week 11

Are you feeling every exercise? Try these activation techniques to fire up the glutes!

Week 12

How should you feel after a 12 week transformation? What sort of results should you have you achieved? Ash explains her amazing transformation results!