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Personal Trainer Bondi Junction

Our personal training in Bondi Junction is exactly that, personalised. PT starts with a very in depth movement assessment to assess how you move before we put together a strength program for you. If you have any prior injuries, we can help with specialist injury rehabilitation.

Then we will create a nutrition plan for you. Before we give you any advice, we will ask you to monitor and measure your food intake, so we can create an individualised nutrition plan just for you.

We will teach you about the calories you require for fat loss and set your meal plan up for you, so you are confident on losing body fat week by week.

We need to understand your goals 100% before we put together a tailored program for you, which gives you the best and fastest chance possible of reaching your goals.

What’s included?

Personal training

1 on 1

Individualised strength training and metabolic conditioning

Individualised nutritional plan

Highest level strength and conditioning coach

Specialist injury rehabilitation

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Eric's story

See Eric’s before and after for his amazing results. Eric thrived in our Personal Training program as he preferred to train in his own time and much preferred one-on-one attention, as he felt his needs were attended to personally.

Eric has to travel overseas a lot for work and this was another challenge that Personal Training solved. We were able to build variations into his program for when he was in Sydney and when he was overseas.

This personalised program was perfect for Eric, as his program was fine tuned to the tinniest detail, from nutrition to exercise selection (using the equipment available at the time). All things were taking into consideration, so Eric was successful in his goal of being shredded all year round.

We were also able to set calorie or food intake for Eric differently, for when he is at home and when he is overseas. For when he was travelling, and his food choices were out of his control, we set a simple calorie target that helped him to make smarter choices. With this highly personalised approach, we were able to maintain his body fat or weight while he was on the road.

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