The Protocol

Do you want the confidence to do what you have always dreamed of?

Transform your mind and body and gain the confidence to live your best life by joining our Protocol program. It’s a set of principles very man should live by.

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Lenny talks about how the Protocol program can transform your body and your life.

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Always the skinny guy, Damon has put on 8kg of muscle.


Gus is Mr Social, he has lost 6% Body-fat and now sits under 12% body-fat all year round.


Nico Under 12%, Nico had to recover from an injury and make a comeback. Now he’s ready for his next holiday.


Winner of our last Men’s Muscle & Health Challenge. Caleb’s body-fat is at 8%, dropping from 13.5%.

How the Protocol program works

Phase 1 - Optimal Body Fat & Gain Lean Muscle

Wether you’re advanced or just starting out, the first step is to get you down to optimal body-fat of at least 12%. We will measure your body fat and calculate your individualised meal plan. You will have your calories and macro breakdown to achieve your body fat and lean muscle goal.

Phase 2 - Live your best Life

Now you are feeling the confidence to go out and there and take on any challenge, go and play that sport that you have been dreaming of playing again. Walk down the beach with your shirt off proudly and know you are in your best shape ever.


What you get

Individualised meal plan
Advanced strength training
Transformation session
How to booklet
Meditation classes
Coaching consults
Conditioning sessions
Body Metrix scan
Strength testing

Want these results

Feel stronger
Clothes fit better
Look shredded
More focused
Feel younger
More balanced
Better sex life
More confident at the beach
Stand out

Are you ready to gain the confidence to live your best life in 2020?

Apply now to join the Protocol program and transform your mind and body this year.

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