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Signature Fitness is a small group and personal training studio that focuses on traditional strength training and individualised nutrition to transform your body and your life! We treat everyone that walks through our doors as an individual, we all have our own unique signature and we feel that you should be treated as an individual. We utilise small group training with highly experienced coaches to bring you the very best transformation studio in the eastern suburbs.


Fitness Coach Lenny Chadd

Lenny Chadd

Signature Fitness studio owner Lenny Chadd has been in the industry for over 10 years with Signature Fitness. Lenny started out in Sydney CBD as a Personal Trainer and then furthered his education to become a Strength Coach with the Poliquin Institute, travelling overseas to be a qualified PICP 1 & 2 coach. Lenny is internationally accredited to coach athletes at National level.

Before opening a studio in Bondi Junction, Lenny operated a clinic which specialised in fat loss and supplied Nutrition support and lifestyle education for fat loss. Lenny has worked with many different goal driven clients which have varied a lot, like training males to be featured inside fitness magazines or females getting ready for their wedding day. Lenny will conduct an in-depth assessment and then build out a plan that suits a clients individuals needs and guarantees a structured approach that gets results.

Fitness Coach Scott Quinn

Scott Quinn

Scott Quinn is an expert coach at Signature Fitness. In the industry for 6 years, Scott has worked in both Scotland and Sydney.

Scott has built an esteemed business over the years changing a number of lives which has earned him the reputation of being a fat loss specialist who cases about his clients and their values.

Scott loves the industry and continually spends time with leading specialists to further develop his knowledge and make his mark in the industry.

Scott has a unique approach to each and every client and enjoys educating and information his clientele to ensure long term success.

Outside of work Scott is a sport fanatic and loves spending time with family and friends.

Scott will commit and dive into every detail, so don’t hide anything, he will catch you out.

Fitness Coach Paul Stevenson

Paul Stevenson

Having spent 12 years in the fitness industry as a personal trainer in London and now Sydney, Paul has developed a reputation as a leading fat loss specialist.

Paul has spent time learning from the world’s leading trainers as he continually develops his own systems and methodologies.

Paul’s passion remains delivering the very best fat loss transformations as well as ongoing education to his clientele.

With expertise in training and nutrition, Paul leaves no stone unturned in his quest to deliver the very best results.

Fitness Coach Roxy Oldham

Roxy Oldham

Roxy Oldham is a part time coach here at Signature Fitness. She delivers group training classes, consults with members on how they can achieve their short term goals and maintain their goals for the long term.

She has a passion for working with people and getting results. She looks at all aspects of health and fitness, including nutrition, problem solving, increasing flexibility, enhancing energy and wellbeing and changing mindsets. She especially likes to work with female clients to make them feel confident and strong within the gym and in their everyday lives.

She competed in her first ICN fitness and sports model show at Sydney expo and placed in the top 5. She practices what she preaches and hopes that her dedication to transforming your body and mind encourages others to challenge and be the best version they can be.

• Cert 3 in Fitness
• Performance PT Level 1 & 2
• 5 Year of Strength and Conditioning training
• Fully Qualified First Aider

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