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Signature Fitness

We’re back!

Ok, so this may give you something to smile about, we’re back!

We are so excited for the next phase of training and want to thank our members who have stuck with us and are returning to the Signature Fitness way of life, we also welcome our new members who are about to begin their fitness journey with us.

We have been vigilant in looking after ourselves and our neighbours, so our next step should be nothing different. Signature Fitness has your health concerns and fitness goals covered.

We have reviewed Fitness Australia’s advice and the Government Health advisors, and we have decided to make these changes to ensure everyone a safe and fun training environment. Below are some of the improvements we have made.

Social Distancing Steps

Signature Strength class sizes will be reduced from 12 to 10 and Ultimate Conditioning from 15 to 10. All members will be staggered inside their workout space to ensure the 4m workout space is covered and programs will be amended. This will ensure safe distancing and defined workout space for all members.

Class Scheduling

Due to studio numbers being capped at 10 ppl maximum for stage 2 restrictions. All classes will have a 5 minute buffer, ALL classes are 50 minutes to let the members finish their workout and leave before the next class moves into the premises to maintain safe numbers. Eg, Evening Class 1 – START – 4.55pm – 5.45pm.

See Mind Body schedule for all classes.


We will maintain our high levels of sanitation with our hand sanitizer stations all around the gym and in every room. Benches and Matts will still need to be wiped down before and after sessions as per usual. We will also be getting the gym cleaned more regularly. Signage has been put up in all traffic areas as a reminder of what you can expect.

Life as we know it has changed over the last few months with COVID, so we have learnt from it and created a new safe environment that provides a space for our members to focus on their health and fitness goals. So our promise, like us, remains strong!

Signature Fitness promise

We will be running our Transformation model with small group training and individualised plans for every single member. We promise when you transform your mind and body with us, you will have the confidence to live out the lifestyle you desire.

Transforming Bodies & Lives, Signature Fitness

Get in touch

If you want to know more about our COVID-19 safety procedures, please get in touch.