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Train Smarter, NOT Harder!

What a change we have had to undertake a totally new exercise routine, So we are here to help with our isolation coaching plan. Time to train smarter, NOT harder!

If you are like us, then maybe you have your doubts, is this new path going to be as effective as the old one? Body weight, resistance bands & suspensions straps really??

We have you covered, follow these steps below to ensure what you are doing is effective and enjoy the progress along the way.


Step 1. Monthly Testing – ABT ( always be testing )

  • Timed workouts
  • Reps / Sets = output
  • Resting HR when you wake


Step 2 . Get the most out of your routine and decide when is the best time to train?

  • Strength / Kettlebells are morning workouts
  • ( neurologically demanding 1st)
  • Long Slow Distance / intervals train 4 1/2 hrs after 1st workout minimum


Step 3. Intensity

  • RPE – Use rating of perceived exertion.1-10
  • use scale to determine intensity ( supplied )




Step 4. Tips for being effective

  • schedule training in calendar
  • Keep up your steps to 7-10km
  • Check in on Sunday and PLAN


Are you enjoying Our Isolation Coaching Plan?

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Lenny Chadd
Signature Fitness

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