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Your mindset and what you can control

At this present moment it feels like things may be spinning out of control, but we can remind ourselves of one thing, and that is we are responsible for our own feelings and actions. So let’s take back control of our health and life.

So let’s first figure out where some situations may be affecting us, let us start with our reaction for when problems arise.


Meditation will help you gain control by giving you space and time to react to how you feel about what is going on around you.

Meditation will help create space in the mind to connect and accept your feelings.

Next we move onto if we are facing a real problem that we can’t change the outcome, then how do we deal with it?

Fixed or Growth Mindset

Fixed or Growth Mindset will determine what you learn from a problem that has transpired and what you will change or do differently next time.

Growth Mindset learns from problems and thinks about what can be done differently, as Fixed Mindset may continue to keep making the same mistake.

Reach your goals

Your daily patterns can determine how and if you reach your goals you desire.

The 4G’s can help you, 4G stands for Goal, Grateful, Glitches & Goals. They need to be completed daily.

Goal – What is the goal you reached today?

Grateful – What are you grateful for?

Glitches – What glitches or problems did you suffer that you will overcome?

Good – What happened that was good today?

This email will help you with your reaction to a problem or feeling & what you learnt from experiencing a problem. Then try the 4G’s to keep your mindset on the right path to you achieving the success you deserve.

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— Franz Kafka