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Are you are the type of guy who wants to stay in shape over xmas?

You can imagine training hard all year and being proud of your results you have achieved, only to slip back where you were and NOT maintain your results at best, devastating. So how do we stay in shape over xmas?

We would like to share with you what we do in our Protocol program designed for type of guy who wants to stay in shape over xmas.

Step 1. Establish where you want to be: Do you want to maintain your body fat or lose body fat?

Step 2. Figure out the calories required for you to maintain weight by tracking your calories on MyFitness Pal and then simply weigh yourself regularly to see what your calories are to maintain scale weight.

Step 3. Subtract 10% of the calories from your maintenance number to begin losing body fat.


Now you know your numbers, how do you still eat what you want over the break? EASY, the secret we use with our males is “calorie budgeting”.

Here is an example for you, I will use my own numbers to give you an example.

My calories to maintain are 2500

So if I were on holidays for two days visiting family and I wanted to eat a LITTLE MORE then I would simply eat less on the other 5 days that week. Let’s do the numbers: –

Day 1-5 = 2100 cals per day ( budgeted 400 cals less )

5 days x 400 cals = 2000 cals EXTRA  to consume over the 2 days of Xmas

Or 1000 cals per day extra on top of my maintenance calories.

Day 6-7 = 2500 cals to maintain + 1000 cals extra which have been budgeted

Day 6-7 = 3500 cals per day and you will keep your RESULTS FOR GOOD.

If you would like us to help you figure out your numbers to maintain or lose body fat, let us know your scale weight and tell us all about your activity levels and we can help. It’s worth a couple of minutes to keep your results.

Have a Merry Xmas and Happy NY from the Signature Fitness Team.

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