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Want better results from your program?

Ask your’e self what are my goals, and what am I prepared to do to get better results?

If your’e like us and like to be clear on the results you are getting and the direction you are heading with your fitness journey, then this insight is for you.

We have worked with over 2000 people in our studio and what we have learnt is that you must be able to answer these questions before starting out, why? So you can set yourself up to win!

What is your unspoken question? Is it why aren’t I achieving the results I should be getting, then maybe you need to look at it a little differently. Still maintaining a positive mindset is also important. 

Question 1. Ask your self where am I?

Are you transforming your physique or maintaining? There is not right or wrong answer, just where your’e at today.

Question 2. What am I prepared to do?

This means if you are transforming, then it maybe a little tougher than you thought with lower calories or more frequent training. Remember it’s harder to drop body fat than maintain.

So if you were maintaining then maybe you still want to be able to go out drinking on the weekends, but train well during the week. You may want to make food choices so you are not missing out on your favourite foods.

Can you have your cake and eat it too? The answer is NO!

Don’t be left in the middle, choose transform or maintain?

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